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A chinese lion statue

Fibrous plaster cornice to be used on site is made from reverse mould (negative). Reverse mould made from fibreglass and fastened to a straight bench.

Before casting, moulds are greased so as to act as a release agent when taking out the cast.

A chinese lion statueEach cast is made in two mixings. The first mix is brushed into the mould, then 'splashed' to give a face coat. Canvas is then applied over. The second mix is then brushed into the canvas and then wooden lath are placed in the cast with brackets of wood or canvas wads to strengthen. The remaining mixture is then brushed into the cast with a final 'splash' of mix before screeding off to give a flat back to the cast.

Leave to set.

After 15-20 minutes taken out of mould and placed in dry house for approx. 6-7 hours. Cast is then ready to be installed at site.

Installed using ceramic tile adhesive and galvanised gimp pins. All mitres and joints cut down on site by our operators who are trained to a high standard.

All joints and mitres to be filled in with casting plaster. Long straights of mouldings filled in with caulk or jointing filler.

All handling of materials is manual in respect of manufacturing, delivery and installation.